About Us

About Ely Fair Photography
Ely Fair Photography is photography for people who have a story to tell. Whether it be the small stories of your kiddos jumping on the bed in your everyday beautiful life or the big stories of walking down the aisle on your wedding day, we believe that they all deserve to be told. We have captured stories as far away as castles in Edinburgh, but we call Oklahoma City home.

We strive to have a style of photography that is purposeful. That focuses on capturing your personality, unique relationships, and above all, the joy in your lives.

Creating art for your home is our goal. Photographs that your grandchildren will sit with you and see a portal to your past. It’s important to us to get to know you and your family to create these works of art for your family. You can see examples of our work here on the website, or on our blog at www.elyfairphotos.com/blog.

About Ely & Ryan Fair
The first camera Ely ever picked up during her freshman year of high school was her Dad’s 35mm crank advance Fujica with a Mickey Mouse strap. It was small and boxy and dreamy. And had a light leak. Every single frame came back with a nice, big orange streak on it. As mother’s often do, Ely’s mom noticed an interest and invested in a new 35mm, encouraged her to sign up for photography classes at a local college, and the love affair with photography blossomed in the safety lights and rank smell of developing chemicals.


Ely shot her first wedding at age 16, and since then has shot more than 100 weddings around the country and internationally– the majority along with her husband and photographer, Ryan Fair. Their work has been featured in print as well as online blogs and publications. They love to tell the story of joy in the every day as well as the once in a lifetime moments.

When their faces aren’t hidden behind a camera, Ely and Ryan travel the world, uphold a summer tradition of Movie Mondays, and obsess over their exceedingly cute chocolate lab Pete.

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How to Say Our Name
Now that you have a throw back to Destiny’s Child circa 2000 stuck in your head, to avoid any confusion, Ely Fair is pronounced like Ellie, not Eli, and then Fair…like Vanity Fair. It’s just a shortening of my name, Elyse. Don’t worry if you were confused, we now realize we picked a confusing name. :)