At Home with Sarah James

If you haven’t started following Sarah James with Whoorl, do yourself a favor and stop right now and check her out. She has amazing tips on green beauty and encouragement in self care. Which as a new mom it’s always great having a reminder to take care of myself every once in a while.

I got to spend a morning at her home with the kiddos, and big brother wasn’t too keen on being in photos, so the shoot ended up focusing mostly on Sara & her daughter. Which of course I have a soft spot in my heart for mommy/daughter time. Seeing the love between them, and the excitement M had for making muffins and having her photo taken left me with a full heart as I took and edited these images. I love getting to capture these little slices of life that feel genuine and true.

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Carrie & Geoff’s Backyard Malibu Wedding


As Seen on Wedding Chicks



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Welcome Margot

I’ve never been so keenly aware of why it’s important to hire a newborn photographer than with these photos– when we did our own newborn photos. I figured hey, I do newborn sessions ALL the time, no biggie. Plus then I wouldn’t have to be in the photos since I wasn’t quite feeling myself yet. 

Yeah. No. Not quite that easy. No. 1– I have have unlimited patience for a baby that isn’t my own, but was annoyed when Margot wouldn’t cooperate for 15 minutes. JUST 15 MINUTES KID! You have is so much better than all the other babies that I bother for hours! No. 2– apparently people don’t let you get away with not having your picture taken with the baby. So I did one session of just her and Ryan, and then was badgered by my sweet friends into having Ryan do another session that included me running back and forth with self timer for some family photos. Which at the end of the day I am really glad about, but I have a new respect for mamas who are sleep deprived and still manage to get everything together and look fabulous for their photos. Bravo, you deserve a cookie and gold medal of amazingness.

It’s amazing how different shooting for myself has been rather than shooting for others. Being able to work under no ones expectations than my own has given me more clarity on my preferences as a photographer. And seeing the other side as being a mom instead of photographer– the photos I love are so much different from the ones that I thought I would. And learning how hard it is to take a decent self timer photo, haha. 

But, all said and done, even with not feeling quite myself I’m really glad I have these photos. I’m glad that Margot will have some photos to look at someday that include here mama. And I love getting to see our new little family.

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