Puebla, Mexico Engagement Session

Stacey & Shawn sat across from me at my dining room table and gave me the hard sale to convince me to travel with them to Mexico for their engagement session. Little did they know all they had to say was 70 degree weather while Oklahoma is in the 40s. Honestly I’m really not a hard sell to travel because I love going to new places, and I especially love getting to photograph in new spots. I will admit that I am a Europe girl, that’s where my heart gets pumping travel wise, but I was still excited to go to Puebla City and see why it is Stacey’s favorite spot in the world. 

It was a pretty easy trip from OKC, one connection and one bus ride all in the time zone. Left at breakfast and was there for a mid afternoon snack…of tacos of course! After a walking tour (via Stacey) of the city, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t ever heard of this beautiful place before! The architecture is gorgeous, delicious food, friendly people & a city rich of culture. The gem of the city is the Cathedral located in the city center where the legend is that bells in the bell tower were so large that they could not be transported up the tower, but overnight they were hung by the angels. One of the local specialties is a pottery that had a predominantly blue & white pattern (and some colors) that is called Talavera which we had fun shopping for and being inspired for the design of Stacey & Shawn’s wedding.

I’m a fan y’all, take me back.



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